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Looking for someone to run a Japanese SEM? Tokyo Marketing will listen to your needs, understand your business deeply, and find the keywords that will bring conversions and revenues to your business. Based on keywords, we come up with the best ad copy taking Japanese nuances into account for the best performance.

Japanese Native bilingual with Business Landscape

We are native Japanese, based in Japan, and bilingual marketing professionals with work experience in international companies such as Google Japan. If you speak English, we will have absolutely no problem communicating with you. You can start digital marketing in the Japanese market today without knowing Japanese.

Digital advertising Services

Japanese Keyword Research

We identify Japanese keywords not only for traffic but also for conversions and revenues of your business so that you can target users interested in buying your service or product.

Competitor Analysis

Once we identify your competitors in the Japanese market, we will look into the keywords that your competitors are targeting to find more for your business so you do not miss any potential opportunities. 

SEM Strategy Design

We identify SEM strategies considering keyword volume, competition, and best SEM practices to improve your ad performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We identify the problems and the solutions in your landing pages and run AB tests to improve your conversion rate and cost per acquisition.

SEM in Yahoo! Japan

Yahoo! Japan holds a 20% market share of Japanese search engines, and its ad management system is made in Japanese. We are fully capable of running SEM in Yahoo! Japan so that you can target Japanese search users efficiently.

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