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Social media services in Japan

Over 94 million people, or 75% of the Japanese population, are active on LINE – the leading Japanese messaging app – far more than any other social networking service available in Japan. Other social networking services such as Twitter (over 58 million users), Instagram (over 45 million users), and Facebook (over 15 million users) are also popular in Japan, although Facebook’s user base is currently shrinking. We run social networking campaigns with our knowledge and experience of Japanese user trends in mind to ensure your campaign is successful and effective.

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Social Media Advertising Services

Website / User Analysis

For effective social networking campaigns, it is crucial to understand the current users and customer journey. We build seamless campaigns to bring positive results.

Strategic Targeting

With available data, we reach your potential customers by various audiences per dedicated creatives.

Continuous AB tests

Conduct AB tests of creatives, target audiences, landing pages, etc. to achieve better performance and reach the goal.

Campaigns and Promotions

In addition to regular campaigns, seasonal campaigns/promotions are important to bring Japanese cultural trends into your business and bring conversions. 

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