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More traffic, More conversions

We improve your online presence and influence your ranking in the SERPs (search engine result pages). We create SEO strategies using powerful tools that establish our clients as authorities in their fields. We focus not only on traffic but also on conversions on your website, resulting in more revenue.

Fully Bilingual Japanese Experts

We are native Japanese, based in Japan, and understand the business landscape. One of our unique features is that we are bilingual marketing professionals with work experience in international companies such as Google Japan. If you speak English, there will be no communication problems. You can start digital marketing in the Japanese market without Japanese language skills. 

Our SEO Service

Keyword Research

We identify keywords not only for traffic but also for conversions and revenue for your business. We list keywords that can drive traffic. Then you can choose keywords that generate conversions and revenue for your business.

Website and Competitor Analysis

We analyze your website and your competitors to identify problems and suggest solutions you should implement, taking into account the impact and effort required for each.

SEO Strategy Design

We identify SEO strategies considering keyword volume, competitors, and best SEO practices to boost your keyword rankings and win in the Japanese SEO market.

On-Page Optimization / Content Optimization

We identify the problems and the solutions in internal link structure, website structure, and content to optimize your website for search engines.

Content optimization / Blog creation

We review and optimize the website content with marketing best practices. We have professional SEO writers on the team. With strategic keyword pick-ups,  online content keeps generating traffic and conversions.

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